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The Plunge into the Shadows by Yavanni The Plunge into the Shadows :iconyavanni:Yavanni 22 21 I am but a Servant of Nightmare EDIT by DarthZaDr I am but a Servant of Nightmare EDIT :icondarthzadr:DarthZaDr 105 36 Nightmare's Plaything by LupusSilvae Nightmare's Plaything :iconlupussilvae:LupusSilvae 72 16 meta knight takes flight by metamorro meta knight takes flight :iconmetamorro:metamorro 33 6 Liberation by Cozigiraffe Liberation :iconcozigiraffe:Cozigiraffe 117 66
Mature content
Winning and Losing 6 :iconcrazy-foxie:Crazy-Foxie 2 13
Mature content
Winning and Losing 5 :iconcrazy-foxie:Crazy-Foxie 2 11
Winning and Losing 4
-- Chapter 4: Gaining Knowledge, Metal and Trust --
Jecra gave an impressed whistle as he closed the door behind him.
“Looks like you passed the test,” he mused, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’m surprised he wouldn’t let you try the survival test, no questions asked.”
The puffball looked up from his hands. “Seems like everyone knows my incapability.”
“Come on, don’t say it like that.” He beamed under his mask, one hand clapping onto Meta Knight’s shoulder. “I blabbed to Lance, I admit that, but Sir Arthur’s from another planet. Quite literally.”
Meta Knight glanced at the warrior’s hand still on his shoulder. It felt far from comforting, but he didn’t feel the urge to shrug him off. Perhaps it was the way the hand was on the shoulder further away from Jecra, that there seemed to be a somewhat reassuring pull that brought him closer. Or he was imagining it, in a desperate frame of mind when he
:iconcrazy-foxie:Crazy-Foxie 3 25
Winning and Losing 3
-- Chapter 3: Something as simple as a name --
Had he really lost consciousness? It was something he couldn’t control at the time, but it made him realise how unbelievably gullible he was. He had just let the enemy do as they please, let them whisk him away to some unknown place.
He simply knew that as a fact. Now, he could take in his surroundings without even opening his eyes and feel what he feared was correct.
The clutter of metal could be heard over the quiet murmurs he couldn’t make out. Movement of heavy cotton was distinguishable, sometimes accompanied by the metallic footsteps. The strong scent was bitter with herbs and blood, to the point he could taste it on his lips and feel it linger there as he breathed.
But worst of all, he knew the feeling of someone examining him was present, eyes keen on his limp form as he did his best not to make his eyes flutter open in curiosity.
He had felt it before. It made him feel uneasy, something that made him feel helpless
:iconcrazy-foxie:Crazy-Foxie 3 10
Winning and Losing 2
-- Chapter 2: Bringing in the Trojan Horse --
The puffball seated in the starship opened his yellow eyes tiredly. How long had he been sleeping for? Rubbing the back of his head, he got up from his side to sit on the chair properly to observe his surroundings.
The area outside the comforts of his starship was black, dotted with indistinctive colours. Some formed swirls, others seemed to wave in long lines. The young Star Warrior knew these were stars – a thought that came spontaneously to him. Some contained life, others were less fortunate.
He lay back into his seat, fingering the hem of his cloak. It calmed him to see something so beautiful surround him like this, envelope him in their infinite beauty. Just seeing them above his head made him wonder where he came from.
Touching a familiar part of his forehead, more thoughts seemed to rush through. Who were his parents? Why did this particular spot feel so important? And if he did have any parents, where were they? Perhaps
:iconcrazy-foxie:Crazy-Foxie 2 2
Winning and Losing 1
-- Chapter 1: According to Plan --
Nightmare observed from the corner the works of his next creation. This room was the source of where everything began, with its high-tech machinery and everlasting experiments. In all areas of the dark room, servants sufficiently worked at their designated places. Some were frantically tapping away at touch screens with their multiple arms, others were taking samples from deep blue liquid and scrutinising the solution with their one eye.
Naturally, these demon beasts were created to do that job.
It saved him from putting his fingers into something so trivial and it served as an efficient way of producing the large variety of demon beasts he owned. With so many creations under his command, he could do anything with a single thought. All creations were made to be useful to him in some way, whether that was for spying, power or speed.
However, he still had a long way to go. And this one in making would be the one most valuable to him.
Nightmare ca
:iconcrazy-foxie:Crazy-Foxie 3 11
Recent circumstances have really made me realize that I'm incapable of being a good leader for this group.

Of course, it's not very often that one nearly tears a ligament, but I finally understood that academics, being a higher priority than having fun, also take up an enormous amount of my time. So month-long hiatus like this last one will only get more frequent as I move up through the levels, especially during college.

Long story short: I'm resigning my little position. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time for a more capable leader to take charge and make this group live up to its full potential. ^^ So if anyone wants to step up to the plate, let me know.

-Grovyle Knight
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Group Info

"...Nightmare's success did not last indefinitely. There were those who appeared to oppose him. Though this first resistance was small, Nightmare's anger was great."

Welcome to the Meta Knightmare Alliance!

Our mission is to heighten the recognition of the "Meta Knightmare" theory within the Hoshi no Kaabii/Kirby of the Stars (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!) fandom. This theorem entails the failed demon beast, referenced in episode 3 (What? Battle With Sir Meta Knight?!), being Meta Knight as opposed to Kirby based on various pieces of evidence.

Meta Knight, Nightmare, Kirby and all related characters are property of HAL Labs. Hoshi no Kaabii is property of Warpstar Inc. This is a nonprofit fan club; we do not intend on infringing any copyright claims. We percieve this fan club to be within the terms of fair usage.
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Dec 23, 2010


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Evidence & Rules


Firstly, Meta Knight shares several similar physical traits to Nightmare. His shoulder plates are almost identical to Nightmare's in design, although this could be discounted, as these have been a part of both their designs since their early appearances in the video games. However, Meta Knight also folds his cape around him in the exact same manner as Nightmare does. This did not occur until the anime was released. His eyes also change color, which appears to be an unusual trait for a Star Warrior (like Chilidog/Wolfwrath's gem, but this is almost certainly a coincidence). If the games and pilot anime could be taken as a reference, he also has demon-like wings.

Meta Knight also tends to have a rather stoic personality. This may be due to mental scars from the war, or even simply just a personality trait, but he also seems to be sporadically angry on occasion, especially earlier in the series. And like Nightmare, he also tends to stay on the sidelines, rarely interfering unless he believes there is truly danger.

He has an uncanny ability to know the names and abilities of nearly every demon beast, although this could, again, be blamed on the war.

Meta Knight doesn't appear to hate demon beasts, either, for example allowing Lololo and Lalala to carry him - but on the other hand, he loathes Nightmare.
Oh, and did we mention Lololo and Lalala happen to be failed demon beasts?

Another thing worthy of note is the scene in Episode 3 when Nightmare is depicted as creating and placing a round, blue piece on the chessboard - which happens to use a sword to represent its rebellion against him.

There are two main pieces of evidence supporting the theory. One is the following dialogue from Episode 3, beginning after Kabu tells the story of Nightmare's failed creation:
Fumu: That was a Star Warrior?
Bun: So that's why Nightmare wants to get rid of (Kirby)...
Kabu: I do not know if it was Kirby.
Bun: But Kabu, how do you know about these things?
Kabu: I heard it a long time ago from Sir Meta Knight.

And at the episode's conclusion:
Fumu: Is Kirby Nightmare's failed creation? Don't you know everything?
Meta Knight: ...How would I know of that?

As well, Meta Knight knows exactly where the delivery system is in Nightmare's headquarters. This is a near-dead giveaway, as no Star Warrior or GSA member had ever gotten so far into Nightmare's base prior to the infiltration in episodes 99 and 100, and none of the others in the party were aware of its location.

Coincidence? We think not.
But if you would like to join us, please ensure you adhere to the following rules...

1. Be courteous to everyone. Do not put others down if they do not support this opinion; that is not the objective of this group, and it's only an opinion after all! :)
2. All artwork or literature submitted must relate to or reference Meta Knight being Nightmare's creation in some way.
3. Please keep the general maturity level around PG-13; submissions MUST have a content blocker if they are above this level.
4. Have fun!! :D






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